Reminiscing Summer - times of old and new

Reminiscing Summer - times of old and new

As summer approaches, I like to reminisce about times past and times yet to come. I enjoy traveling to small towns to witness the connections that the communities make with both townspeople and guests. 

I especially love small towns that have created a meaningful bond to the local community by proudly displaying custom banners attached to the light poles along main street that create an authentic connection to those who currently or past served the country.

My grandpa, who is still kicking at 101, was in the Army back in the day and I love to hear about his army days - I couldn’t even put a count of how many times I’ve heard the story about how my grandpa met my grandma while stationed in Germany.

I just love to imagine how many other veterans have similar stories. 

Many small towns in my area celebrate Memorial Day and the Fourth of July with parades - does your area?

Growing up my family often attended these types of parades, maybe because we were in the school or community band or simply to grab some of the free candy that was tossed to those of us lining the streets (especially in election years). 

The parades really create a sense of community and it’s always wonderful to see those that show support by wearing red, white and blue.

If you want a little something extra this summer season, I’ve created a few wearable and decorative patriotic pieces in my shop.

Drop me a message, if you’ve got an amazing story or memory related to Memorial Day, the Fourth of July, or Veterans Day, I’d love to hear it!

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